Bruno Bivalvia was a brave captain from the island Nautfragium. On his way home, his ship sank near the coast of the island. Bruno was never seen again.
The Bivalvias are in financial troubles now. To keep a ship in the sea, Bruno's daugther Marina has to search for valuable goods on the bottom of the sea.

Help Marina to find enough objects to help her family. Try to solve all mysteries that lay in the ocean to achieve three good endings.

Dive into this new Game Boy game.

To play this game, you can either use the Web version on this site or you can download the ROM and play it on a Game Boy emulator or flashcartridge.


I replaced Version 1.0 with a Version 1.1. 1.1 contains some bug fixes and spelling corrections.


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Dive Into 1.1 (Game Boy ROM) 256 kB


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I discovered a bug.

Picked up a coin. Tried to take the gold bar from the safe. Bag too heavy because of the coin. Dropped the coin. Suddenly, I have 25,500 or something like that and I am a disembodied hand instead of Marina. I went back to the surface and got good ending 2 of 3.

Sounds like a number fell below zero and wrapped around.


Thank you for letting me know. I looked it up and found the error. For the coin I accidently decremented the money value one digit more than I incremented it before. I guess that's what's happening when I work on the drop function after midnight.
I updated the game and replaced the old one with the new one. The hand also shouldn't appear anymore.
Thanks again for your help!